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by Fabersol srl  Italia - 59100 Prato - Via della Lastruccia, 5 - C.F./P.Iva/Reg. Imp. 02102480973 - R.E.A. n° 500973 CCIAA Prato

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Terme di Firenze è un progetto di bellezza che nasce col desiderio di offrirti prodotti cosmetici di alta qualità, formulati seguendo le antiche ricette realizzate dai maestri profumieri e speziali fiorentini del rinascimento, realizzati oggi attraverso le più moderne tecnologie nel campo della produzione di prodotti di bellezza. A tutto questo, si aggiungono ingredienti naturali, biologici, garantiti per offrirti la massima sicurezza e risultati apprezzabili nel tempo.


Terme di Firenze

is delighted to introduce its own brand label of woven fabrics which have been developed using the base ingredients present in its cosmetics.

Natural, organic fibres woven following age-old traditional methods, handed down to us through the experience of to-day's master weavers.

These are fashion accessories from a far distant past which are given new life today thanks of

Terme di Firenze.


Hemp, linen, cotton, wool, and silk are the raw materials from which the Terme di Firenze woven accessories are woven.

Hemp in particular, is present in each one of the Terme di Firenze weaves as it balances body heat in a very natural way by keeping the body warm in winter and cool in summer.

In the past, hemp was cultivated in order to get very large plants from which a fibre was obtained for rope-making and used also for domestic purposes, once it had been combed, spun and woven.

In order to get very fine-spun hemp, the best fibres were chosen once all pectin and lignin had been extracted from the hemp, producing finally a filament of a mere few microns in size.

With a selection of varieties and refining of techniques for working the hemp fibre, Italy became the world number one in the production of yarns and fabrics made from quality hemp.

Today, Terme di Firenze can offer you exclusive woven accessories, availing of old Italian techniques, using only quality raw materials, selected and produced in Italy.

Soft weaves with natural "Detox colours".

Spanish white


Pastel colour which hints of clay and shell.

A neutral tone which combined with style offers a greater delicate touch and light to the face.



A natural colour which takes on the green of meadows and the brown of Tuscany. It possesses minerals enclosing a tenuous pastel warmth, most pleasant to wear and beautiful to observe.


Decisive and strong. It recalls the red of the pomegranate but also the rain-drenched red earth of Siena. It is associated with various shades of greens and turquoises.



This is a unique shade of blue between turquoise and sky blue. It recalls to the colours of the sky. It is royal, noble and a perfect match for ochres.