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Terme di Firenze è un progetto di bellezza che nasce col desiderio di offrirti prodotti cosmetici di alta qualità, formulati seguendo le antiche ricette realizzate dai maestri profumieri e speziali fiorentini del rinascimento, realizzati oggi attraverso le più moderne tecnologie nel campo della produzione di prodotti di bellezza. A tutto questo, si aggiungono ingredienti naturali, biologici, garantiti per offrirti la massima sicurezza e risultati apprezzabili nel tempo.



"A touch of petals on the skin". This is the sensation offered by
Terme Firenze SIGNORIA Body Cream.

"Protect your beauty"

The lion, always considered a proud and noble animal, represents royalty, strength and supremacy.

Florence is "guarded" by its lions. Who had the opportunity to walk through the streets and squares of the city saw many representations of this animal among monuments, friezes, paintings and capitals.

The lion is guarding the city, the cradle of the Renaissance. It protects, observes and threatens the presence of hostile and warlike people. A symbol that embodies pride and at the same time the concept of "protection".

SIGNORIA Body Cream Terme Firenze is represented by a lion, suitable to express the concept of protection intended as defense against external agents: sunlight and pollution, and as a barrier to slow down cellular oxidative processes.

Strength and delicacy, defense and cellular nutrition, are the characteristics of SIGNORIA Body Cream

SIGNORIA is also the name of the square which hosts the marble lion, sculpted by the Roman sculptor Flaminio Vacca, admirable on the left at the top of the stairs leading to Loggia dei Lanzi, taken as an inspiration and model to represent SIGNORIA Body Cream Terme di Firenze.

Hydrates without greasing the skin, gives elasticity and helps the natural cell renewal process.

The daily use hydrates the skin throughout the day, by offering a sensation of freshness and wellness.

IRIS: The Body Cream with Iris has a soft and velvety texture, a pleasant and enchanting scent. It absorbs well and fast while nourishing and giving elasticity to the most dry and sensitive skin.

HEMP: The hemp oil fights against cell aging, leaving the skin fresh and protected, by restoring a proper hydration.

FLAX: The flax oil contained by Terme di Firenze Body Cream improves the skin elasticity; efficient to prevent or reduce stretch marks, recommended for chapped and particularly dry skin.

COTTON: The cotton oil contains precious antioxidant ingredients which help the natural cell renewal process and provide a defensive barrier against atmospheric agents.

How to use:
Regularly apply after bath or shower by gently massaging until full absorption.