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by Fabersol srl  Italia - 59100 Prato - Via della Lastruccia, 5 - C.F./P.Iva/Reg. Imp. 02102480973 - R.E.A. n° 500973 CCIAA Prato

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Terme di Firenze è un progetto di bellezza che nasce col desiderio di offrirti prodotti cosmetici di alta qualità, formulati seguendo le antiche ricette realizzate dai maestri profumieri e speziali fiorentini del rinascimento, realizzati oggi attraverso le più moderne tecnologie nel campo della produzione di prodotti di bellezza. A tutto questo, si aggiungono ingredienti naturali, biologici, garantiti per offrirti la massima sicurezza e risultati apprezzabili nel tempo.



From the tradition of ancient Florentine perfumers, masters in using spices and natural essences.

"The Essence of the Renaissance"

RINESSENZA is a name that takes its strength from the union of the words RENAISSANCE and ESSENCE and is the very Essence of the Renaissance.

A vital union that connects history, art, culture and people: families, lineages, nobles, artisans and artists in whose workshops were created the works that have become the symbol of an artistic and cultural period, not coincidentally defined as Renaissance, characterized by incomparable creative and manual skills that have contributed to the creation of Florence's image that for centuries has represented the Renaissance cradle throughout the world.

RINESSENZA represents all this: the best and the essence of arts, crafts, traditions and sensory evocations that brings back again a time when perfume was a precious good, an object of trade and an essential beauty ally both for women and men.


RINESSENZA is represented by six bezants, in homage to the

Medici family of Florence.

It offers an instant freshness sensation f
or all types of skin.

From the tradition of ancient Florentine perfumers, masters in using spices and natural essences.

The IRIS perfume:

The few drops contain the flower petals called by the Florentine tradition "irises" or "lilies", picked in May on the hills of Florence. A unique and fascinating bouquet of scents, linked to a time when the perfume was a precious good, a trade object and an essential beauty ally.

The HEMP perfume:

Reminds of exotic landscapes and at the same time recalls the olfactory cultural roots of our social historical background that used the hemp in various ways during the Florentine Renaissance. The scent revokes the hay fields and oriental spices of a unique and captivating perfume.

The FLAX perfume:

A fragrance that evokes cleanliness, candor, purity and freshness sensations. Enchanting and delicate as a soft natural fabric that smells like new, warm as a cloth left to dry in the summer sun.

The COTTON perfume:

With olfactory notes that recall cleanliness, freshness and candor feelings. The scent evokes the image of blooming white flowers in the spring and the soft and warm cottonwool flakes offered by the cotton plant. The cotton essence, kept in every drop of this perfume, reminds us of distant trips in searching for the white gold that came to us along the cotton way.

How to use:

Spray on the skin at any time of the day, paying particular attention not to direct the spray to the eyes.

For a higher sensorial response, it is recommended to spray it inside the wrists, behind the ears and behind the knees.