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by Fabersol srl  Italia - 59100 Prato - Via della Lastruccia, 5 - C.F./P.Iva/Reg. Imp. 02102480973 - R.E.A. n° 500973 CCIAA Prato

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The tradition of ancient Florentine perfumers, masters in using spices and natural essences created the scent of iris.

The few drops contain the flower petals called by the Florentine tradition "irises" or "lilies", picked in May on the hills of Florence. A unique and fascinating bouquet of scents, linked to a time when the perfume was a precious good, a trade object and an essential beauty ally.

It offers an instant freshness sensation for all types of skin.

RINESSENZA - Perfume - Iris

SKU: 0720260161074
  • Product information:

    How to use:

    Spray on the skin at any time of the day, paying particular attention not to direct the spray to the eyes. For a higher sensorial response, it is recommended to spray it inside the wrists, behind the ears and behind the knees.



    Only for external use. Do not ingest. In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly. Keep out of reach of children.

  • Ingredients and size:


    Alcohol denat., Parfum [Fragrance], Aqua [Water] (Eau), Iris florentina root extract, Valeriana officinalis rhizome/root extract (*), Calendula officinalis flower extract (*), Helichrysum italicum flower extract (*), Glycerin, Benzyl alcohol, Limonene.

    * from organic farming