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© 2018 - Terme di Firenze

by Fabersol srl  Italia - 59100 Prato - Via della Lastruccia, 5 - C.F./P.Iva/Reg. Imp. 02102480973 - R.E.A. n° 500973 CCIAA Prato

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About us

Terme di Firenze by Fabersol srl

The "good examples" and "creativity" are the reference points that have always accompanied us in our challenges.

Fabersol originates in the textile district of Prato, in the hard work and the culture of doing things well. 

From the natural regeneration of raw materials to high fashion passing through the respect for the environment and the attention paid to the beauty of the area.

Thanks to a constant research path of new technological solutions, Fabersol srl presents itself as a company that promotes and develops specific applications in the renewable energy field. In this field the company creates important photovoltaic systems together with the production of control electronic systems and their testing and management.

 The planet evolves rapidly and new incitements and challenges come forward. Millions of people move to metropolis, sometimes disoriented, "consuming" rapidly, experiencing short-lived emotions, crystallized within a system made up of appearances where the individual risks losing the substance of things, losing sight of infinite beauties, flavors and essences that are available to anyone who wants to pick and appreciate them.

We deeply feel the need to create and offer high quality products, which portray the characteristics of our territory and spread beauty and our cultural identity, as happened in the Florentine Renaissance.

​At the beginning of 2016 Fabersol srl involved the best experts in the cosmetics industry aiming to find the perfect balance between the use of natural essences, such as iris, hemp, cotton and flax seed oil, and the preservation of all properties intrinsically present in each plant.


The aim: to create a line of cosmetic products, whose formulations originated from those of the ancient Florentine perfumers and apothecaries, developed through the most innovative technologies in the field.

Today Fabersol srl is able to offer unique products whose cultural and experiential contents are an essential part of the ingredients present in Terme di Firenze products, born in Florence, developed in Tuscany, with the aim of nourishing the skin, guaranteeing protection against atmospheric agents, alleviating the signs of aging, cleanse and, if possible, offering beauty even through the stories on beauty and the splendors of our territory.

Along with the cosmetic lines we have taken up the natural textile art, adding accessories manufactured through the artisan know-how.