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by Fabersol srl  Italia - 59100 Prato - Via della Lastruccia, 5 - C.F./P.Iva/Reg. Imp. 02102480973 - R.E.A. n° 500973 CCIAA Prato

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Discover the
Terme di Firenze
Product Line
beauty traditions
Drops of beauty between petals of history.
Terme di Firenze

Natural & BIO products

made with selected raw materials

Terme di Firenze

is developed around a beauty concept that originates from the ancient Florentine traditions in the cosmetics field.

The use of natural ingredients, BIO certified, selected and used by following the ancient recipes for cosmetic preparations, combined with the most modern technologies in the field, make the products signed by Terme di Firenze an important beauty reference point.

Cellular renewal, detoxification, cleansing and nourishment of the skin are just some of the wonderful and important qualities that Terme di Firenze products can offer you thanks to the precious contribution of nature and to the knowledge of our laboratory technicians.

Nature, history, science and culture are the fundamental pillars of the

Terme di Firenze project